5 Facts About Your Cars Air Conditioning
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5 Facts About Your Cars Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is fast becoming one of the most common factory fitted standard options on vehicles nowadays.  But do you know how you can best maintain your air conditioning, so that it’s always available on the days you need it the most?

Here’s our top 5 facts about air conditioning in vehicles:

At least 10% of your Air Conditioning gas escapes each year.

You don’t need to have a leak in your air conditioning system…each year over 10% of your systems gas depletes.  So it’s wise to have yours checked and topped up every 2 years to keep it in full working order.

Air Conditioning is great for demisting in the winter months.

It’s not just for those days we call ‘scorchio’…blast your air conditioning when your screen is misting up and the dry air will speed up the process.  In Scotland, you’ll get plenty opportunity to try it!

Air Conditioning in your car needs disinfecting.

Harmful bacteria like to nestle in your cars air conditioning system and if left can cause a bit of a pong.  Don’t fear as this is something that is easily taken care of when we re-gas and service the air conditioning system.

Use it or lose it.

When it comes to air conditioning, if you don’t use it every week or so, the seals can actually harden and crack leading to a more costly repair in the long run.

Air Conditioning isn’t as fuel heavy as you think.

It’s an old story that simply using the air conditioning will put your fuel efficiency through the roof.  This may have been the case in older cars, but in modern cars the systems are so efficient that used wisely there is little difference in economy than say the air drag caused by driving around with your windows open.





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