• 5 Summer Car Essentials

    5 Summer Car Essentials

    It may seem incredible given the long winter we’ve just had but, yes, Summer really is just around the corner. Let’s hope it’s a good one. Time to swap the Winter tyres for the Summer boots and start thinking about a holiday road trip. Whatever the vacation destination, in Europe or here at home, preparation

  • Your Monthly Car Checklist

    Your Monthly Car Checklist

    To enjoy your precious vehicle at its best, routine car servicing is vital. We might not like having to book in for the annual car service and MOT at the local garage but it is all a part of car ownership and we have to accept that. That said, it is possible to mitigate any

  • What To Do When Your Car Fails The MOT Test

    What To Do When Your Car Fails The MOT Test

    Many people over time have experienced that gloomy feeling when your chosen MOT Inspector comes towards you with a doleful shake of the head, clutching an MOT VT30 test failure certificate. Now what to do? Various Courses Of Action Ensuring that the VT30 document is retained for later, a failed vehicle can only be driven

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