• Spring cleaning your car interior

    Spring cleaning your car interior

    To a greater or lesser extent, most of us prefer to live in a clean home with sparkling smear-free windows, shiny surfaces and furnishings that do not have that lingering smell of wet dog. Why is it then that we don’t have the same caring attitude to the interiors of our cars? Old kebab wrappers

  • How to keep your car exterior clean

    How to keep your car exterior clean

    Give our British weather half a chance and we learn the hard way how automotive corrosion begins, galvanising notwithstanding. During the dark days, car cleaning isn’t our first priority. We may take the motor to the automated car wash but they never really get the job done, do they? Those narrow grooves and tight shut

  • Keeping A Car Safe To Use During The Crisis

    The announcement that, from the 1st April, MOT test deadlines have been extended for six months is good news for motorists as it means they can have less social contact with others. That’s not to say that unsafe cars will be tolerated on the roads, because they won’t and it is up to owners to

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