• Ten Good Reasons To Service Your Car

    Ten Good Reasons To Service Your Car

    Buying a new or recent used car is always a pleasure. The ability to enjoy the freedom of the road is one of the reasons we go out to work; it’s nice to own nice things. Driving the new car away, the contented owner can revel in that feeling of well-being that comes with a

  • Are Winter Tyres Really Worth It?

    Are Winter Tyres Really Worth It?

    With the temperature already dipping below 7C, we are well are truly into winter tyre season. As we’re in Scotland, this season can last anything from late September to late April. So we thought it was worthwhile to dispel some of the myths around winter tyres and help you make an informed decision. 1. You

  • 5 Tyre Signs You Should Look Out For

    5 Tyre Signs You Should Look Out For

    We all know the importance of tyre safety for keeping you safe on the road, but do you know what signs to look out for? Here’s 5 things you can check easily and are signs that you should give us a call: 1. Tyre tread is worn. An obvious one but they will probably need

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If your car MOT is due to expire after 30th March 2020, you will be granted a 6mth extension by the Government. At which time it will be your responsibility to make sure you remember to have it carried out.

We are operating collection & delivery if you are self-isolating, as well as working to social distancing rules in the workshop. We will be taking payment over the phone, or by bank transfer during this time.

Stay safe & look after each other!