3 things you need to do now your Covid MOT extension is ending

3 things you need to do now your Covid MOT extension is ending

As if anyone still remains unaware, the COVID-19 epidemic has thrown the nation into chaos. Thus, because of the Government imposed ‘lockdown’ of society, much that should have been done has not been done and that includes vehicle safety testing. A scheme was announced to automatically extend for six months the MOT of any vehicle due to be tested after the end of March 2020. As of the 1st August, this scheme has been rescinded.

The End Of The MOT Extension

This means that many motorists will now be coming to the end of their vehicle’s MOT extension and so a new test must be organised. Nothing has changed: With so many cars now going unchecked for over a year, it is imperative that owners ensure their vehicles are safe and roadworthy. Hefty fines and licence points are waiting for those who do not respond and forgetfulness is not going to be an acceptable excuse.

The laws that govern the driving of unsafe vehicles still apply. Regardless of any MOT extension, an unsafe car is an unsafe car and it is down to the owner to ensure it is roadworthy.

As they are considered to be an essential resource, most car servicing garages remained open for MOT testing during lockdown and testing continued to be available. In the meantime, the Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has automatically added the six month extension to MOT dates on their system. They have not however issued either a paper or digital notification to drivers which means it is the sole responsibility of owners to make sure their vehicle’s MOT test is done. There will be no reminders.

Three things To Do Now

Many cars now will be reaching the end of any extension period and the time has come to take appropriate steps. Here’s what drivers should doing right now:

Find the last MOT certificate issued and check the date. Even if less than six months have elapsed the time for action is now. You don’t have to wait for the period of grace to end. Book a test now; there may be a backlog of vehicles so it makes sense to get on the booking list. MOT garages in your area, even if they regularly service the vehicle will likely not have updated any individual schedules. They can however test a car up to a month before any MOT or extension runs out and post-date the certificate so that motorists don’t lose out on the full year. This is something worth taking note of.

Make a large note of the test date. Put in in the diary section of a smartphone so that it triggers a notification or even stick a post-it note on the dashboard. Forget and even one day over the test date could land motorists in trouble. Remember, the police system is updated in line with the DVLA.

Even if the test is not imminent there are still things owners should be doing. Routine checks of a vehicle have always been an essential part of car ownership and responsible drivers know this. Thus fluid levels, tyre pressures and the like should be checked often. During any MOT extension however motorists should be more aware of their car and how it is behaving. A year is a long time in the life of a motor so extra vigilance is called for. If in doubt, get it checked by professional technicians. In the meantime, the number one priority is to book that MOT!

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