5 Car Hacks You Have To Know

5 Car Hacks You Have To Know

Discovering the world of motoring, especially for newly qualified drivers, is a rite of passage. There are some things that are not part of driving instruction and can only be learned the hard way: On the road.

Seasoned drivers with many years under their belts will know all the wrinkles; those helpful hints that just make owning an operating a car that little bit easier. Here’s a few tips:

The Fill-Up

Most drivers still have to use the services of the petrol station and become used to quickly assessing the right pump lane to get on; but it doesn’t end there. Many motorists will tell the story of driving up a lane only to find the pump is on the opposite side to the filler cap. It’s not the end of the world obviously, as petrol pump hoses can be pulled out some distance to reach around the car body. It’s just that it is easier to have the pump adjacent to the filler.

Car makers have long been aware of this driver error and have made allowances. Somewhere on the fuel gauge, possibly next to the pump symbol is a little arrow that points to the filler side. How many of us have been blissfully unaware of this?

The Dry Interior

On cold mornings, as all drivers are aware, the inside of the car can be prone to moisture, steaming up the windows. It’s often inconvenient, especially when in a hurry. We ourselves are partly to blame because we breathe moisture. Car interiors can become damp through other means too: That steaming cup of takeaway coffee, wet clothes and dogs, tiny leaks in the sunroof; it all adds up.

Anyone who has purchased an electrical gadget will know that when unboxing, there is always a little sachet of silica gel. This absorbs any moisture keeping the product dry. Did you know that it is possible to buy big bags of silica gel which, when strategically placed in a car’s cabin, will draw moisture from the air? A cost-effective way to help drive out cabin moisture. It is also possible to nuke the gel pack in a microwave to dry it out and re-use.

The Clear View

Windscreen wipers are a rather neglected automotive component that can lose effectiveness over time, smearing the glass and impeding the driver’s view. Ideally, they should be changed regularly. It is a simple task but if in doubt your local professional car servicing centre can sort it out.

It is possible to get a longer useful life expectancy out of those strips of rubber by keeping them in tip-top condition. Wet a rag with water, or better still white vinegar or glass cleaner and wipe along the blades until no more dirt comes off. A simple hack to keep a clean screen for longer.

The Tidy Bin

Under the current difficult conditions many more people are resorting to takeaway meals and drinks to consume in the car. As we are not litter louts we tend to end up with wrappers and plastic coffee cups scattered about. The rear seat foot-well is a favourite spot and can resemble a rubbish tip over time.

Be a better driver and put a small plastic tub or refuse bin in a handy location, Between the front seats, say. A tidy car is a clean car. A roll of kitchen towel in a spare door pocket won’t go amiss either. As an extra benefit, your local garage technician will appreciate a clean and tidy car to work on when doing the car service.

The Ideal Parking App

Sometimes we find ourselves in out of the way places or unknown towns; on holiday perhaps. We park up and go and do what we are there to do only to find that after a nice bit of shopping or family time on the beach, we have absolutely no idea where the car is. Well, fear not because there is an app for that.

Most folk have a smartphone. We seem not to be able to live our lives without one. Well now there is a selection of apps into which a parking location is added. Later the app can be consulted and it will guide the owner back to the motor. They are usually cheap to buy or even free for both iPhones and Android. A hack that makes real sense.

The Bonus Hack

The way things are, always keep a couple of spare face masks and a pot of antiseptic gel in the glovebox. You never know.

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