5 reasons regular car maintenance will actually save money

5 reasons regular car maintenance will actually save money

Running a car is a costly business. It’s a fact of life that most motorists accept, albeit through gritted teeth. In the modern world we have to stay mobile. Thus it becomes essential that our cars start first time, every time, in all weathers. Anyone who has left the house on a cold and frosty morning only to hear the sound of, well, nothing very much, when the key is turned will understand.

Putting off routine maintenance may save money in the short term but could lead to problems down the road. Having the car regularly maintained by a professional car servicing garage should save money in the long run and that’s the important thing. Here’s why:

The Car Will Hold Its Value

Picking up a brand new car is a great experience but, once it is driven off the forecourt, the value begins to depreciate. That’s just how it is. In the fullness of time the owner might want to move that car on in which case it pays to maintain it properly.

Keeping it clean and polished inside and out will add value when part-exchange time comes around but a full service history, either in book form or digitally, is what impresses prospective buyers most. A car with evidence of correct regular servicing is likely to attract more potential purchasers and achieve a higher selling price.

The Car Will Last Longer

Even today some drivers choose to keep a favourite vehicle for as long as possible; years in fact. This is fine. There is evidence that a well serviced car, with wear and tear items replaced routinely, can go on for many years, sometimes for a half-million miles.

Knowing this means, as the car ages and lives on, although the value drops the costs also drop. It’s bought and paid for and it is clear that regular servicing means fewer expensive breakdowns.

The Car Will Be More Reliable

It’s all too easy to ignore any odd noises when driving. If the car feels alright it must be alright, right? No. If in doubt, get it checked. In addition to any routine work carried out, a service, say, your local car servicing garage will check the vehicle over for potential or existing faults and advise accordingly. As the car is already at the garage it makes sense to get these issues dealt with in the certain knowledge that ignoring them will lead to bigger problems and more expense later.

The Car Will Not Break Down

Well, that’s a broad statement; nobody can predict the future but, properly maintained there is no reason to expect any issues and drivers can motor on in full confidence, aware that the car is as good as it can be and that there is unlikely to be any huge expenses getting the car recovered from some distant lay-by.

The Car Will Be More Efficient

Fuel is not cheap and the fossil fuel industry isn’t there to be the car owner’s friend. If they are profiting from motorists then the least motorists can do is make every penny count. Regular car servicing, tyre pressure checks and careful, modulated brake operation will all help to ensure the car will roll efficiently. A properly maintained engine (and a good, smooth driving technique that avoids harsh use of the throttle) will maximise the mileage from every drop of precious fuel.

And Finally…

It’s not a short term thing but over the period of ownership, correct car maintenance and garage servicing plus timely replacement of worn parts will surely save money. That’s something we can all work with.

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