Budgeting for your car maintenance

Budgeting for your car maintenance

The problem with car servicing needs and breakdown repairs is that they inevitably occur when personal finances are a little stretched. That’s just how these things go. Of course, the sensible driver makes sure to minimise the problem potential by ensuring that the annual car service and MOT test is carried out on time by a professional car maintenance garage. It’s just that sometimes this careful planning can go awry. That’s why budgeting monthly to suit personal income, allowing for breakdowns or indeed for all car needs makes absolute sense.

Forward Planning

It is usual to pay for servicing and maintenance as you go; this is the norm. Everyone knows that, but perhaps it might be more practical to pay a set sum monthly. That way the average car owner will know the commitment in advance and budget for it. When we save money we are generally doing so to plan for some future need, like buying a car. This is the same idea; paying forward to ensure that when the time comes to get the car serviced or tested, then the money is there to cover it. One less thing to worry about and best of all these days a monthly service plan can be designed as a one-off, bespoke to individual needs.

So How Does Budgeting Work?

In the way the modern world had changed our lifestyles, for good as well as not so good, then the way we do things has changed along with it. In the automotive world it is now possible to have a unique-to-you arrangement that allows a car owner to create their own service plan based on their driving habits, the model and fuel type, the age of the vehicle, its annual mileage and the uses to which it is put.

But What About Breakdowns?

It’s true that nobody knows when the worst can happen and that is where individually tailored plans can be helpful. It is entirely possible to arrange with the car servicing garage a plan that covers one, two or three years. This could be especially useful for motorists who like to change their vehicle every three years, as many do.

Further, schemes can be made to fit circumstance. For example, the MOT test can be included in the monthly cost for an additional premium which means that the all routine maintenance procedures are covered to keep the car running sweetly.

It is also possible to plan for breakdown repairs. Certainly a modern properly maintained car is unlikely to develop any faults but it is not unknown. If a vehicle is used a lot for work or business; stopping and starting and so on, it is perhaps a little more prone to faults. It is worth discussing this with your garage to see how that could be done. An optional additional sum to cover unseen eventualities may be possible: That’s the meaning of bespoke.

In other words, within reason whatever the age of a car, or the mileage it covers, owners will be able to access a suitable service and repair plan at a tailored and, hopefully, competitive monthly price, thus offering peace of mind and a genuine alternative to the ‘same-for-everybody’ fixed priced option that is usual across the motor industry. If a monthly budget appeals then talk to your local servicing garage to see what they can offer. It is certainly worth thinking about.

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