Finding A Reliable Garage

Finding A Reliable Garage

Regular car care is essential for safety and the well-being of occupants and other road users. The law requires it. The main issue though for most car owners is cost. In difficult times it is often hard to keep financial pace with the costs of motoring and drivers strive to get their vehicles maintained or repaired as cheaply as possible; but cheap does not necessarily equal good. Finding the best car servicing garage is vital to safe and reliable motoring.

Finding a car repair garage that can be relied on can be a bit of a lottery, so here are a few tips to help:


One of the best forms of advertising that any garage can have is through having a good reputation. Ask around with local friends and neighbours: Find out who they use and if they are satisfied with the service. Look out for satisfied customers on social media and the like. Often a garage will have an online social media presence that customers can comment on. The garage’s website can be the starting point for details of all their products and services and any social activity.

That their premises are also a MOT Testing Centre indicates that the business has been inspected and is to the required standard. Further, are they accredited to any national schemes or organisations?

Quality Control

Owners will need to see a garage that takes a pride in its reputation. The premises (within the sensible parameters of a working environment) should be tidy and presentable. Front of house staff will be pleasant and helpful and there should be evidence around that all staff on site receive periodic training and have the necessary qualifications and experience. Technicians should be properly qualified for the roles they undertake.

The Work

Never base your choice on price alone. The cost of a service depends on various factors, including whether a full or interim service is needed. A good garage will always provide a reasonable up-front quote for routine work like annual servicing and any repairs but there may be unseen variables. If that’s the case the business should inform owners prior to any additional work being carried out. No nasty shocks, in other words. It is likely that costs will differ for every vehicle type. Remember to always request a receipt when the work is completed and ensure that the vehicle service book is completed. A full service history helps maintain a car’s value.

Owners will want to know that only manufacturer approved parts are used when replacement is necessary. This is particularly important as cheap parts never last and will not perform as well. Never cut corners with car maintenance. If doubts occur, ask to see the parts that have been removed to satisfy yourself that they needed replacing.

The Experience

The main benefit of regular servicing and fast, efficient car repairs is that the vehicle will have a clean bill of health and be running at optimum performance. The vehicle will also typically have better fuel economy, saving hard-earned cash at the pumps. Remember, a car is an investment and good maintenance will save money in the long run by avoiding expensive repairs, due to negligence.

A good car servicing garage will be clean, efficient and well equipped with all the latest diagnostic tools. The staff will be helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. These are the benchmarks to look for, to ensure happy motoring.

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