Five Questions To Ask When Choosing A Mechanic To Fix Your Car

Five Questions To Ask When Choosing A Mechanic To Fix Your Car

Automotive technology and electronics have moved a long way on since the days of the amateur home mechanic. Today’s cars, although in many ways still basically the same, are more reliable thanks to modern manufacturing techniques and definitely more complex. Opening the bonnet on a modern motor can reveal a rather daunting sight. That’s why we need these days to use the best car servicing garages for MOT test, servicing and repairs.

Why Use A Professional Garage?

Trying to describe a car fault by saying it makes a ‘funny noise’ and expecting the mechanic to determine the issue are thankfully in the past. Today’s qualified engineers can plug a computer into the vehicle’s diagnostic port and likely as not the fault or error will reveal itself. That has to be a good thing, but it is also necessary to make sure that the professionals doing the job are properly skilled. So before taking pot luck, ask yourself these five questions:

Are They A Reputable Garage?

You’ve done the Internet search to find your local car servicing garages; the next stage is to ask around friends and family or locally to see if anyone uses a particular facility. Despite our modern age, word of mouth still counts for something. If a garage is known to fair and competent then it’s a pretty safe bet that your vehicle will be properly maintained. Look too for membership of bone fide trade bodies or associations. There’ll probably be a badge or plaque. Always remember though that cheap does not necessarily mean good.

Are They Experienced?

With age comes experience, they say. Well, the same goes for garages. The number of years that a professional garage has been operating can reveal a lot. It points to trustworthiness. Most will be proud of their reputation but it doesn’t hurt to ask the question. Bad mechanics rarely prosper in the longer term.

Will They Provide A Written Estimate?

Computer diagnosis will be a fair guide to what ever ails a car. A good business will offer a written estimate for the work, with any advisories. It’s reasonable to ask to be talked through what is needed. That way the customer knows the issue and the cost and doesn’t get a nasty shock. If there are any previously undiscovered issues then a reputable garage will get in touch first.

Is The Garage Able To Service Your Brand Of Car?

Many modern motors require specialist tools. Ask your mechanics if they are able to correctly follow scheduled servicing needs and automotive repairs for your brand. A properly equipped servicing garage will be able to do the job.

Are They On Social Media?

Like it or not social media is here to stay and manufacturers and service suppliers have been on board for a long time now. It’s established. It is very likely that a garage will, for example, have a Facebook page. It is a good way to connect and chat with customers, old and new, and their social media can reveal a lot about the business as people are more likely to be forthright from a distance.

Trading Standards and word of mouth have greatly reduced the number of poor mechanics out there, as has the service bay technology needed to do the job. By checking these few simple points before making the final choice of car mechanic will make the task of selection less of a worry.

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