Why Your MOT Is So Important

Why Your MOT Is So Important

All owners of cars over three years old are well aware of the MOT test. Even vehicles that have been fully and properly maintained on a professional garage service contract or have travelled only a low mileage don’t escape the gimlet eye of the MOT tester. It’s the law and we have to accept that. In reality, a well maintained car should sail through the test, but it’s always a worry.


It’s a fair question when most cars get serviced regularly and are checked over routinely by owners for tyre wear, fluid levels and the like. Further, modern cars are built to such high standards that it has even been mooted (though rejected) for the grace period to be extended beyond three years.

Sadly, the answer is that some motorists neglect their vehicles. Others do very high mileage in a short space of time, increasing wear and tear. For safety’s sake, there has to be a line and that line is drawn at three years and subsequently annually, in an effort to ensure that all the millions of cars on the road are safe to use.

Safety First

Because cars have become increasing complex, the MOT test has moved with the times and is very thorough. These days, the test involves a detailed safety check of the car. The list includes parts and functions such as exhaust and emissions, seat belts, lights, brakes, tyres and wheels, suspension and fuel systems and more besides.

The car may pass first time (albeit with possible advisories for items that will soon require attention) or it may fail. Failures must be attended to immediately, before the car is used on public roads again. Don’t blame the local MOT testing garage; they have your best interests at heart.

Failure may prove to be expensive and drivers are pretty vocal when big automotive bills are raised, but consider this: Most of us drive our families about in these cars so let’s face it, we need these vehicles to be safe. Grumbling about the cost of tyres is one thing; driving about on tyres with less than minimum tread could result in bigger bills and personal anguish later.

Paying Our Way

There’s another reason why the MOT Test is so important and why there is no getting round it. The law requires that we all pay our way via Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax), a form of taxation, to drive on the roads. Also required is car insurance for our own protection. Drivers cannot get either of these items without having a valid MOT certificate. Owners need all three to be legal.

A Happy MOT Experience

The solution is clear. Foster a good relationship with your local car servicing and MOT centre. Book the test well in advance and in the meantime, help yourself by regularly inspecting the vehicle for tyre wear and low fluid and oil levels. Consider how it drives: Does it pull to one side or another under braking? Does the steering wheel vibrate at certain speeds? If in doubt check with the professionals. Keeping a car in tip top working order results in a happy MOT experience and another year’s safe motoring.

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