Why Your MOT Test Is So Important

Why Your MOT Test Is So Important

Yes, all drivers know that the annual MOT test is mandatory for all cars aged three years and over. Certainly, car owners grumble about this extra assault on their household budgets but the test is there for a purpose.

The UK MOT test is based upon a checklist of parts and systems of a car that need to be examined for roadworthiness. For the most part it does not itemise electronics and digital systems, like infotainment technology but it does require that, say, warning lights are functioning as they should. The main purpose of the test is to make sure that your vehicle is safe to deploy on the road. It’s not unfair though to query why your MOT test is so important.

Now, 21st Century vehicles are extremely well built to fine tolerances and are equipped with the latest technology in driver and passenger safety. The majority of motorists don’t do much more than the national average mileage after all, so why be so strict? Well, this is why:

Road Safety Is A Priority

Safety on the road has to be every driver’s priority and we have a duty of care to ourselves, our passengers and all the other drivers on the road. The MOT test, draconian though it may seem to be, will identify any current or potential problems (advisories) and this ensures that the car is fixed to meet the standard, thus preventing any unsafe vehicles from being on the road for an extended period of time.

Wear And Tear of Consumables

Some items on cars wear out over time; it’s unavoidable. Tyres, brake pads and discs, lubricants, suspension and steering parts are all in constant use and moving components don’t last forever. It is relatively straightforward to check tyre tread depth and overall wear on a regular basis but, with the complexity of modern vehicles, it’s not so easy to monitor the other items without the necessary know-how. That’s why the vehicle examination is undertaken by properly qualified and approved MOT testing stations, which are often part of most car servicing garages.

Car Insurance

Using an untested vehicle on a public road immediately and without recourse to any debate on the subject, negates car insurance. This is regardless as to fault. It is hard enough to get car insurance companies to stump up at the best of times but if an accident occurs and it is found that a car has no current MOT test then that is the end of the matter as far as the insurer is concerned. You’re on your own and the ensuing costs will make the MOT fee seem negligible.

The Law

It is is against the law to drive an untested car on our highways and byways and of course that car will not be insured; so that’s a double fault and double penalty. The police take a dim view of such behaviour and, especially if the vehicle is deemed to be dangerous the car is likely to be impounded and a massive fine will follow.

The Right Port Of Call

This is of course your local car servicing garage. The approval to test vehicles is guaranteed by the blue sign with three triangles on it, displayed outside. There the technicians will check items like the vehicle lights, indicators, brake function and all the different components that make for a safe and secure family car. Job done.

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