3 Things to check on your car in winter

3 Things to check on your car in winter

When the temperature dips, there’s some obvious things you want to check on your car. Such as winter tyres & lights. But there’s a few things people don’t always think of.


Antifreeze is something that is often overlooked, but it has an important job to do… The reason we add antifreeze to the water in an engine’s cooling system, is to lower the freezing point. Meaning the water will not freeze under normal cold weather conditions.

It’s important to get the mix right when the temperature dips, because if that water did freeze you’d be looking at a costly repair bill. It’d cause some serious damage to the radiator and other components.

Air Con

Yes really! People just think that air con is there to keep them cool in summer, but it has its uses all year round. When your windscreen is misting up, that’s the perfect time to reach for your air con. It removes moisture and clears your windscreen faster. So, if you haven’t had yours checked or recharged, then give us a shout.

Remember: – ALWAYS get your air con system checked for leaks before you recharge it, or you’re literally throwing money away.

Windscreen wash

We might get into a bad habit of just topping up with water during the warmer months, but when the temperature dips, you’ll want to grab yourself a bottle of windscreen wash. We all know that annoying wait for the car to heat up enough before you get that satisfying skoosh.

Make sure you read the back and dilute accordingly and that annoying wait will drop.

So make sure you look after your car this winter and it’ll look after you.

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