Ten Good Reasons To Service Your Car

Ten Good Reasons To Service Your Car

Buying a new or recent used car is always a pleasure. The ability to enjoy the freedom of the road is one of the reasons we go out to work; it’s nice to own nice things. Driving the new car away, the contented owner can revel in that feeling of well-being that comes with a reliable motor. In time though that first flush of motoring joy can soon become a set of niggling nuisances when things start to go wrong. One of the primary reasons for this is lack of maintenance.

Car ownership in the modern world is an expensive business; most owners are well aware of this fact. Sometimes then it might be all too easy to put off to tomorrow what needs to be done today. The solution is to accept the truth that, by spending wisely on regular car maintenance, money will be saved long-term on costly repairs. So here’s our top recommendations for keeping that motor tip-top:

1. Peace Of Mind

When a car breaks down there are two things that the driver can be certain of: It will be in the middle of nowhere and it will be raining. That’s why motoring peace of mind is paramount; a well-maintained car will be a reliable car and you can’t put a price on that.

2. Niggling Nuisances

Those little problems; an odd noise or a bit of a rattle can soon develop into something nasty. Prevent nasty nuisances by attending to niggles as they arise.

3. A Long And Happy Automotive Life

Not everybody leases and not everybody changes their car annually. Many choose to hang on to a vehicle they like, often for a long time. Early depreciation has passed and any teething troubles have been dealt with. The car becomes a lifestyle friend, but as with our social lives sometimes a little TLC is needed to keep things running smoothly. Modern cars are easily capable of having a useful life way beyond 100,000 miles. That’s good value motoring.

4. Tyres

Those rubber hoops are vital for road safety and it pays to care for them. If in doubt a good car maintenance schedule will ensure that tyres are checked for condition and tread and that the pressures are set correctly for that model vehicle. Correct air pressure means that the tyres will work at optimum levels and last longer too.

5. Save Fuel

A correctly maintained car engine will pay dividends in smooth running, longevity and immediately begin to save money at the pumps. This is a good thing.

6. Better Performance

Aligned with Number 5, a car that has been properly serviced by a qualified technician will quite simply drive better. Suspension will work as it should, brakes will be smooth and efficient with no ‘grabbing’ or binding. Acceleration will improve too; there is no point in owning a vehicle with good performance if you can’t get the full effect for want of a bit of tuning.

7. Doing Your Bit For The Environment

Motorists are encouraged, even to the point sometimes of being compelled by regulations, to drive cleaner. In fact there’s no harm in that and motor manufacturers today have made great strides in engine efficiency by substantially reducing emissions. We have too the option of hybrid or even electric technology to reduce emissions further.

8. Save Money Long Term

By preventing breakdowns and sundry small issues, regular car servicing will always pay back the dividend of reliable, trouble-free driving. It just makes sense.

9. Sell Your Car

If an owner is prepared to sell that favourite car that has served so well then so be it. The good news is that a full and complete, documented service history will add value when the time comes. Private sales are easier and car dealers will always offer more for a vehicle in the best condition.

10. Forward Planning

Make an annual car maintenance schedule and stick to it. There’s certain to be app for that. Book your service plan well in advance and wait for the chime from your smartphone. Ease your road ahead and play it smart with regular car maintenance.

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