• 5 Summer Car Essentials

    5 Summer Car Essentials

    It may seem incredible given the long winter we’ve just had but, yes, Summer really is just around the corner. Let’s hope it’s a good one. Time to swap the Winter tyres for the Summer boots and start thinking about a holiday road trip. Whatever the vacation destination, in Europe or here at home, preparation

  • Five Ways To Look After Your Car Brakes

    Five Ways To Look After Your Car Brakes

    Experienced drivers who routinely take the same route to and from the places they visit for work and play get to know the road they are on. The result is that they become familiar with the twists and turns and, hopefully as a result, their driving style becomes smoother with less braking and aggressive steering

  • Have Your Car’s Air Conditioning Checked

    Have Your Car’s Air Conditioning Checked

    In our soft 21st Century lives, we take car air-conditioning, or climate control, rather for granted. You want it cold? Turn the dial or press the touchscreen and instantly there’s a chill breeze wafting through the vehicle. Luxury. Not like the old days, when opening a window (letting in wasps, disarranging a carefully constructed coiffure,

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