5 Reasons To Subscribe To A Monthly Car Maintenance Package

5 Reasons To Subscribe To A Monthly Car Maintenance Package

For some time now subscriptions have been popular. Subscribing to something is what we do,+ be it a television or music streaming service, breakdown cover, a gym membership or even health insurance. It’s probable that most folk pay for one or two subscription services every month; that’s why we are so attached to our smartphones, for example. So why should we not now include car maintenance? Here are some good reasons to think about paying monthly to keep your car fit and healthy:

A Good Fit

Like a bespoke suit of clothes, a car maintenance package can be tailored to fit an individual’s automotive circumstances. They may drive many miles long distance or simply use the car for the school run. The model type will make a difference as will the engine size condition of consumables, like tyres.

It may be possible to include small extras, like a monthly check of the fluids, oils, tyres and brakes. After all, the days of home vehicle maintenance are behind us. Not all of us are knowledgeable enough or able enough to do these checks ourselves. This might be a beneficial add-on for drivers whose cars are their livelihood.

Budget Friendly

It’s very easy to put off future forward planning to make the present easier. That’s why when the time comes to deliver the vehicle to your local car servicing garage for it’s annual service and MOT, the resulting bill can come as a bit of a shock thanks to unforeseen faults. It could result in the car being off the road for a while and that’s a problem.

Much better then to spread the cost of servicing, MOT tests, tyre replacement, even air-conditioning re-gassing over an agreed period of time across the year for an agreed monthly budget. All good garages should offer this service. This way accurate records can be kept over the period of ownership so that, month on month, owners know where they stand. It beats having to dip into savings or holidays funds.

A Good Relationship

Planning a monthly car maintenance package brings owner and technician together. This helps to foster good relations and reassures the customer. Taking a car to an unknown garage can be a worry. Owners don’t know what sort of service they will get. Knowing with whom you are dealing brings peace of mind.

Inflation Proof

Agreeing a manageable monthly payment to cover the cost of car maintenance makes sense from a financial point of view because, having agreed a fixed monthly cost, owners won’t be hit by any inflationary factors. We all see how much prices can fluctuate so it’s nice to know where you stand with a fixed amount.

Interest Free

Because we know that our vehicles will always need servicing then the idea of paying in advance isn’t a problem. With car insurance for example we hand over our monthly premium, yet we may never have to call on the service of the insurers. That’s why we like to grumble when we see the latest premiums. With a car plan you get what you pay for and of course, these plans are interest free; what you get is what you pay for.

We don’t know what the future holds but at least with a monthly car maintenance plan we can budget appropriately and be assured our cars will get us there safely.

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