5 Tyre Signs You Should Look Out For

5 Tyre Signs You Should Look Out For

We all know the importance of tyre safety for keeping you safe on the road, but do you know what signs to look out for? Here’s 5 things you can check easily and are signs that you should give us a call:

1. Tyre tread is worn. An obvious one but they will probably need replacing. Use the handy 20p trick (the edge of a 20 pence coin is the exact thickness of the minimum legal tread) or even better, buy a tread gauge.

2. Tyre is worn down the middle but not on the edges – check your tyre pressures! This is a classic sign of over-inflation. Over-inflated tyres can affect vehicle handling and cause irregular wear on the tread. You can find out you cars ideal pressure either in the vehicle handbook or on a sticker on the inside sill of the drivers door.

3. Tyre is worn on the edges but not in the middle – check your tyre pressures! This is the opposite of the last point, a classic sign of under-inflation. Tyres which are under-inflated can affect your steering, cause higher fuel consumption & durability of the tyres.

4. Tyre is worn on one edge more than the other edge – the tracking needs to be checked. Wearing on just one edge often means the wheel alignment (or tracking) is incorrect. This will need to be checked and rectified by a garage.

5. Cracks and/or bulges on the tyre – tyre needs replacing ASAP. Often caused by potholes or hitting a kerb, these signs show there is a weakness in the tyre. They will eventually cause the tyre to fail which could be serious depending on the speed the car is travelling at the time. Safest option is to arrange for the tyre to be replaced immediately.

If you are ever unsure about your tyre condition, always seek advice.

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