Are Winter Tyres Really Worth It?

Are Winter Tyres Really Worth It?

With the temperature already dipping below 7C, we are well are truly into winter tyre season. As we’re in Scotland, this season can last anything from late September to late April. So we thought it was worthwhile to dispel some of the myths around winter tyres and help you make an informed decision.

1. You don’t need winter tyres unless there’s snow

Myth number 1… Although winter tyres have a tread which is designed to help clear impacted snow from the tyre, but you’d be wrong to think their benefits only amount to snow.
All season tyres have a different tread block pattern and when the temperature starts to dip below 7-10C these harden and become less effective and impact on the braking and stopping distances on the cold and wet road. So when it comes to winter tyres, they stay more flexible in in the cold and the benefits start to compensate for pulling away at junctions and cornering in those colder temperatures.

2. If you have a 4X4, you don’t need winter tyres

Sure a 4X4 will help you when it comes to pulling away in the cold and snow, but when it comes to stopping, that doesn’t improve the stopping distance and braking.
An all season tyre on a 4X4 doesn’t have the same flexibility needed (as mentioned in point 1) to push snow and ice out of the way.

3. Winter tyres are more expensive

Like any tyre, there are budget, regular and top range tyre brands. So always ask for a range price so you can make an informed decision. A comparison shows that they are no more expensive than a summer tyre.

Also it’s worth bearing in mind that if you alternate between winter tyres and all season tyres you’ll get more wear out of both, spending less in the long run. It’s like having 2 pairs of boots… You’ll get more wear out of both if you rotate them mid-year.

So there you have it… It goes without saying that tyres are the biggest safety feature of your car for you and other road users, so hopefully we’ve helped you make an informed decision.

Like always, don’t wait until the first first to order you tyres… Beat the rush and order now to secure your winter tyres this winter. You can reach us on 01324 570400.

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